DCB VacanciesBecause we strive to share only the best quality music with our communities, we believe it is important to maintain a balanced band of performers – not too many here and not too few there.

However, because we are a community group, performers come and performers go: some find our music selections too difficult, whereas others crave the challenges; some players are new to the area, others move away. We invite you to try us out and, if you like us, consider becoming a Performer.

You could fill one of the following vacancies to complement our 49 existing performers:

1 English Horn

3 Clarinets

1 Alto Clarinet

2 French Horns

1 String Bass

1 Percussion

2 Trombones

2 Euphoniums

1 Tuba

Go ahead and complete the form at the bottom of this page, and a Section Leader will be in touch soon.

Thanks for your interest, and thank you for being willing to share your musical talents with your neighbors. Together, we can help build a better society for all.

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  • Germaine G Knapp

    I am pretty much a beginner in Viola and take private lessons to improve. Would there be a place for me in the concert band??

    • Thanks, Germaine. Unfortunately not. A concert band consists of winds, brass and percussion – no strings! There are a couple of orchestras in Tampa Bay but they require auditions. You may need to be a bit more advanced than right now. Keep at it and you will soon master the viola!