Rehearsal Child Care

Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm in the room across the hall from the Dunedin Community Center’s Music Room (or Room 119, pending Center scheduling), Performers may leave their children¬†with supervision during DCB rehearsals (not performances).

DCB childcare

Responsible and vetted volunteers from Palm Harbor University High School have agreed to keep an eye on little ones for any of our Performers who would like to play in the DCB but have been prevented so far due to child care concerns. Our volunteers are saving up for a school field trip in June, and therefore any donations you can give them for their service are appreciated, and fair.

There are some rules:

  1. Each child must bring activities and drinks to keep them occupied (or sleeping!) for two hours.
  2. Every adult and child entering or exiting the room will be required to sign in and sign out.
  3. Parent/ guardian cell phone numbers will be required upon signing in.
  4. The child care room doors will be open the whole time, with only a temporary gate preventing entry/ exit. A bathroom can be accessed from within the room.
  5. No one child and one volunteer shall be alone in the room. If this happens, both will be relocated to the band office within the Music Room.
  6. No child will be left unattended.
  7. All children will help clear up the room, as age permits (and if they are awake).
  8. No running, no leaving the room without the parent/ guardian who signed them in, and no bare feet!
  9. Smiles, thank yous, and generous donations are encouraged at all times.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or simply let a potential Performer with children know that we have removed this barrier, and can help them share live music with our communities!

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