Do you play?

Dunedin Concert Band Summer Reading Session 2015

Do you play a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument?

No? We could use your help!

Yes? You are welcome to share your musical abilities with others in our community!

Click here to see a list of current vacancies

All people of all ages have something to offer, and you are invited to share your best work with others through the Dunedin Concert Band. Whether you are a musical genius or accomplished student, or an accounting geek or event planning guru, your skills and experience can benefit thousands of others.

Let us know how you would like to impact the lives of others through live music, and we will put you in touch with the right folk. If you are a performer, you will hear from one of our Section Leaders. If you are not a performer, you will hear from one of our Executive Committee.

Thanks for being willing to share.


We are local people sharing live music with local communities.

Jump on board and utilize your expertise!

Complete and submit the form below today!

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